"GreenAV" Fake AntiVirus

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This sleek program is another to watch out for. So be don't be tricked. Beware if you see the following on a web page

Initializing Virus Protection System...

It appears that the client was browsing yahoo email, when their browser was hijacked and redirected to another site. The page then began downloading files for this program. This may be the location from which the files dowload "http://trustdownload.info/P4FECE4104C05AB1018526= /install.exe" or similar"http://trustdownload.info/P4FECE4104C05AB1018526=/install.exe?counter=1" .

We are still Gathering information for "GreenAV" Fake AntiVirus

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The following is a list of files you may find:
            Size          Name

  1. 78 Kbytes GreenAV_Install[?].exe
  2.  bytes exdll.dll
  3.  bytes nsis.hdr 

  1. GreenAV AntiVirus

  2. GreenAV AntiVirus

  3. GreenAV AntiVirus